Teething Toys!

Hello Supermoms! I hope your day is going well. Today I just want to talk about teething toys. When I purchased TT for my daughter I made sure they were all gel/liquid free, because a lot of them had call backs and also some children had poked hole in the TT which led to the ingesting of the gel/liquid. I also did frozen wash cloths and put fruit or ice in her fresh food feeder (life saver). Everyone has their own preference which is totally fine! I'm just not in favor of anything gel/liquid! Also, there are TT where you can put your choice of liquid :-) What type of teething toys did you buy your child?

P.S. The attached photo is one of my daughters TT!

Teething Toys!
    We use waterproof teething mittens www.etsy.com/shop/easybreazybaby
      I used beef jerky! Lasted a while since they couldn't chew it and helped them out in the process :) Honestly, we didn't have that rough of a time with teething though. Not like everyone else that I read about.
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