Spoiled daughters: how to avoid this from happening

Not giving them what they want every time they want it. Learning to wait for something or earn what you want seems foreign in today's society of convenience and fast food.

Learning that no means no at an early age.

Not putting them on pedestals, though we do treat our boys and girls differently. I believe in gender equality but I don't like being treated as a buddy buddy of my husband's, I'm his wife and want to be treated as such. Our girls haul water down to the barn, our girls unload wagon loads of hay etc. Just like our boys wash dishes and cook.

Sometimes our boys say things about how our girls get to do certain things and they don't, but it's not because they are spoiled it's because our older girls have earned their extra privileges (watching TV/movie before bed...ordering something online with our credit card with permission...whatever the case may be). Our girls have worked hard, have our trust and respect, therefore they get extra privileges.

Our older daughters say that our youngest daughter is spoiled. I say we've grown soft in our older age, that she's the only girl in the middle of four boys so we parent her a little different than we parented our older girls. I also say she's still young and growing so we are still working with her. She can run circles around her brothers when it comes to work so I am not that worried about her yet. ;)

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    My 3 children are treated equally. They acquired things according to their age when they were little. I came from the big family of 8 and I know how it feels when parents have favorites or spoiled kids. Absolute love and care are distributed fairly to each.
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