Anger issues with my 8 year old

Ok, I have an eight year old son with adhd. His grades are great so we have not medicated him. We want to keep it that way if at all possible. There are just so many dangerous risks you take by medicating a child. Our biggest problem we are facing with him is anger issues. He gets really frustrated and really angry about almost everything. His temper is ridiculous. And yes, we spank. He cant grasp the concept of back talking and he bullies the younger two constantly.

Beth EnnisWedowee, Alabama
    Beth Ennis
    He has been sitting at the kitchen table for nearly three hours refusing to do his homework and gotten two spankings
      8Theresa Gould
      Have you had any feedback from his teachers? Is he the same way at school as he is at home? Is he being bullied at school? I know some children can be stubborn but I like to figure out if there is anything else going on too.
        I grew up with ADHD and had a hard time controlling my emotions and anger as well. I was medicated however it didn't always help with my anger so I saw a child therapist. I know many people are skeptical about therapy but for me it was designed for a child so it didn't feel like therapy I talked to the lady for an hour while we did a craft or she have me something else to do to cope with my emotions.
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