All my Single Ladies... :)

How many of you are Single mothers?! I must say I feel like a single mom and I give all the single mothers my highest respect! I have a boyfriend in Afghanistan, and he is my hero, but no help at home and even when he gets home he is stationed in Louisiana and I am in Indiana in our hometown! & my sons father is about 45min away from us, so not always around for help! I AM TIRED. My son is almost 10 months old...and I think I could fall asleep and sleep for 10 months straight. lol How do you single mothers do it?! I am a stay at home mom. I run my own business...that has taken off this year and keeps me very busy. I volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters. and I am thinking about going back to school and getting a part time job for some extra money...Is this doing to much?! Other moms do it right?! SO how?

    8Theresa Gould
    Great questions and I hope all the other single mamas chime in to give you their input and advice.
      If you CAN do it then its not too much. Single full time working mom of a 7 and 9 year old here!! Their dad lives in NY and comes out for the weekend to take them about every 6-8 weeks. I love those weekends!!! Lol.
      My goal w my kids and work is and has Akways been; if they're good, then I'm good!! Taking in a new job or school or anything else, there's always an adjustment period of a week or two. I make sure I'm home and pick them up by 4-5.. So I'm all theirs.
      Try school and then add the job or vice versa. You're already missing sleep. Lol.
      I've been raising them alone since they were 1 and 3.. Tons of changes and adjustments throughout that time but we took it slow and I was never away from them for too long. No help or family near by ever.
      You got this!! My kids are happy and funny and silly and well adjusted. I'm proud of them and myself.
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