Concerned with adding grains into babies tummy...

I started my son with fruits and veggies at 4 months old. I've been really cautious about adding grains into his system just incase he is allergic or he can't handle it yet. (A friend of mine told me she wished her son was introduced to grains too early and it caused all sorts of health problems)
When is the best time to introduce rice cereal? Elias eats well and hasn't had any domestic problems except for green beans. Any pleasant advice?

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    my doctor always had me start with the rice cereal first then add in fruits and veggies one at a time... to weed out allergies. But I suppose every doctors advice may be different. This course of action seems to have worked for my family, as I followed it with all three of my children!
    Anna... that is a great rule of thumb! Glad to hear there was no reaction!
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