Seeing ghosts...

When I was a teenager I really struggled with seeing demonic beings in my room... What helped me the most was knowing my mom tried her best to understand and she prayed with and for me constantly.
Be supportive and don't tell you child that they don't see anything. If it's a fear of minsters under the bed, something cool I want to do with my son is take an air freshened and make a cover for it saying, "monster-be-gone" then when he is scared the soothing smell will reassure him that there isn't anything robe afraid of...

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    We too have monster spray and it tends to work! good idea!
      I do have to say on a personal note ... I grew up in a house that was haunted and there is a feeling that you just get if there is a haunting... it is undeniable and you will never forget the feeling. i know when we moved it was a while new feeling ... it was like a veil was lifted and a sense of serenity in the new house!
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