I scared a mom at Walmart

I ran into a mom this weekend that totally ticked me off. I was going through the costume and Halloween section and she had her child with her maybe 6-7 years old and she was telling her how horrible a holiday Halloween is and that it is a day for "pagans and devil worshippers to promote sin and vulgarity". I was in shock listening to this. My youngest who is 4 wants to be a black cat for Halloween so we were looking to see what they had and when I grabbed the black cat outfit they had there the lady looks at me and asks why am I tempting sin on such an innocent soul my mouth dropped lol I was speechless for about a minute.

My brain is working in overdrive on how to approach this. While not the best option I just could not help myself.

I stare her dead in the eyes and say "oh come now you know you want to join us, we want you to join us as we await the arrival of our master" she turned pale and backed up so I kept moving closer saying join us. I look at her daughter who is not backing up and staring at me in awe or fear? not sure. I wink at her and she smiles at me as her mom grabs her and walks away. I feel so bad for that little girl :(

How would you have handled this situation?

    Oh man.. Sadly.. I sort of LOVE these types of situations.. Had the mother been alone, I probably would have messed with her a lot more than what you did... But you handled it as I would have.. with humor and playing into it..

    We are always expected to take the high road and walk away, but screw that sometimes.. I would have crossed my eyes and been like Come JOOOIIINNN us... too.. Well done.. Moms like that will have more trouble on their hands than they can handle with their kids...

    Pagan up kitty kat!!!
      Amanda Hurley
      I am not sure how I would have handled this situation. My parents are super religious, and have never said anything like this to me. I think you handled yourself pretty well. At least we will all have a good laugh.
        Normally I would have just ignored it but I think what irked me more was that she is spreading the lesson of hate to her child, and that is completely uncalled for. There are so many issues in this world with kids being bullies and mean toward other people because of how they look and what they believe in that we as parents need to teach our kids to respect one another.
          8Theresa Gould
          That's funny. But to be honest, that's how we view halloween because if you look at the history of it and some of the rituals they are not very good. However, I understand most do not know the history or believe the same thing so whatever you do is your business and visa versa.

          Yeah, I don't get why she was even in that section of the store if she believes the way she does. And even if I passed through that section, I would never have said anything to anyone shopping for halloween items. Now when I was younger and didn't know any better, I might have. I did some pretty stupid things and said some pretty stupid things too.
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