Simple Things Kids Like to Play With

we are in the process of moving and my daughter just seems bored with her toys and would rather try and climb the stairs than play. So my husband made up one of the moving boxes for her and she's loving it! The other day I gave her a wooden spoon and a pot and she had a great time! What are some simple house hold things your kids love to play with?

    4Ronna Jones
    Cory my four year old loves my yellow measuring cups and takes them everywhere.
      boxes for sure , sitting in them drawing on then , putting the dog in them
        Epiffany endress
        my couch lol not something I want them to play on it they way they do
          Boxes, packing things like bags of air or the bubble wrap. We got a bunch of packages from UPS the other day, and hubby cut them open and the girls had a blast drawing and writing on them. When my oldest was little I made her a "town" with buildings, roads etc. on a big pieces of cardboard. She still has it.
            bubble wrap, my son and granddaughter love popping it. they also like to use their easter buckets from last year as hats and will pretend to be space people
              Leah... my children LOVE playing with empty boxes! My daughter (5) is always excited and asks if she can have the box when we get a larger package in the mail or from UPS! I love it when they make forts or vehicles out of the boxes. Sometimes they just love to color and hide in the boxes!
                What no crayons???? Come on over we are exploding with crayons... they seem to multiply!
                  Melissa Middleton
                  My son's new fascination is ceiling fans. He is fixated on everyone he sees. He immediately begins looking at the ceiling when we visit different relatives. He even likes them when they aren't moving.
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