Gas Pains

I introduced a new earths best pouch for lunch yesterday for my 9 month old daughter. Beets and sweet potatoes. We were up practically all night very cranky, irritable, restless and passing a lot of gas. I was ready to take her to the hospital. I'm such a bad eater and always had very unhealthy eating habits and sometimes I feel like I'm making so many mistakes with my daughter. I always feel like I'm overfeeding her or not feeding her enough. Do beets cause gassiness?

    I have this book called 'baby food basics' I got from my class, beets are high in nitrates can cause bad gas. keep trying in small doses and variety of other fruits and veggies.
    Pump her legs, push them into her tummy slowly it will help relieve some gas, also rub the belly.
      BOTH of those made my son super gassy... Mostly the sweet potatoes... but yes... gas can hurt... But they have new systems... anything could have made her gassy... anything new you introduce, just go slow... little by little.. wait a bit and the a bit more...

      To be sure not to over feed or under feed... Always have the same amount per every meal... a 9 month old doesn't need much.. remember her stomach is the size of an egg... so, she doesn't need much to fill her.. so keep that in mind when feeding her and you set aside the MOST you think she should eat and then if you go under, fine.. but don't go over.. if she's still hungry then give her a bottle of water to play with... she may just eat cause it's yummy and fun...
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