First borns are more clever and Have higher IQ's because parents are harder on them!!? Truth?

I have to admit, I didn't actually READ the article.. but I often have wondered and thought about this... My son, my first born.. may not be "smarter" than my daughter, who is 6, but there is definitely a difference in responsibility at the same age.. He also seemed to "get" things a little better than she does at the same age.. he has more sarcasm, gets irony.. but that could just be personality..

AS for rules... well, let's just say that if I tell him to meet me at a spot after school.. he will be there.. on time.. waiting exactly where I told him to be.. even at the same age.. I trusted that he would do what I asked him to do, whether I was there or not.. my daughter.. she's a little shadier... lol.. she may come close to the spot, be be lured away by friends playing nearby...

Same if they're at a friends house.. they know I reserve sweets for special times and if offered a cookie, my son will say no thank you or ask to text me.. my daughter however, will take that cookie and run with it... lol

i DID spend more energy on dsicilplining my son.. I was more in his face with things and did flash cards and sight words earlier than with her... I had more time.. He was all I had to "do" when I was home with him.. when I had her.. so much more was going on, so it makes sense..

However.. I have a friend who has three kids.. the oldest.. is a total dingbat and the youngest is a brainiac... it's very funny...

What about moms here with siblings? Older one? Smarter?​…

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    Amanda Hurley
    I think that my older one is more mature than my other two. Part of that was how she was raised though. I was a single mom with her, so she was mommy's sounding board. I also lay more responsibility on her than I do her younger brother and sister. I do think that the first born is usually more responsible. It has a lot to do with them looking after younger siblings, and trying to help teach them.
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      Totally... I DID think of that when I read it.. and can I ask you? Cause they said in a different article that this was based on an "average" family... Which is PC for them using "normal" ... which bugs me.. cause if I took all my friends families... the norm WOULD BE one of the children with autism, adhd, special needs, cognitive delay, etc...
      Just thinking how something like this affects YOU when you read it... do you feel "left out" or unacknowledged? or dismissed?

      Mandi, you know I've always been fascinate with your POV as a mom of Brendan and what that's like from your perspective.. You're the perfect middle ground as you're not aggressive when people make mistakes and show ignorance ( i know, internally you rage lol at assholes), but you are super aware of the outside view and how most just don't know how to deal...

      Write that book would ya? Please? chop chop
        8Theresa Gould
        In some respects I agree with the article but not in others. I believe all my children are intelligent. They just exemplify it in different ways.

        Yes, my oldest is more mature, always has been for her age. But in the past few months her reliability and responsibility have gone down hill compare to what it was. I chock that up to her anger at God for what's been happening in our lives (loss of another baby, job loss...again)

        Stephanie, you and your husband are the opposite to my husband and I. I'm the oldest and he's the youngest. I am the more driven one. He's so laid back in most things, so he balances me out.
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