My friends son wrote a love letter to my other friends daughter.. and it was creepy.

They're in 4th grade.. And I know that's when crushes of sort can start to really kick in.. And I stayed way out of this, but I feel for BOTH of my friends...

My friends son as a crush on another friends daughter.. .From what I understand is that it's a CRUSH... flushed cheeks, stares at her, writes her name on paper, etc... I remember crushing like this... SO, he wrote her a letter.. but it wasn't a "I like you" letter it was a "I want to marry you and have kids with you and I love you" letter - extremely intense for a 9 year old.. and my friend LET her son give it to the girl..

NOW, my friend with the daughter was taken aback.. first the feelings are not returned and the daughter was made to feel uncomfortable.. It was pretty intense..

Both are great kids.. BOTH are great moms...

How would I handle it? I would let my son write a letter, but not give it to her.. I would tell him that some things are private and not ALL feelings need to be shared .. especially these type of feelings and to a girl that's 9 years old... That's a LOT of intensity for this age and with giving her the letter, it was a big responsibilty for the daughter to carry.

I told my mom friend with the daughter, to call the mom.. Maybe talk about how to handle it together... If it were my daughter.. I can't lie, I'd be sort of pissed off... Its one thing to get a sweet, innocent "I like you" note. but to get a marriage proposal of sorts is too much...

What would you tell your daughter? How would you have her respond? WOuld you call the other mom?

Both of these moms are my friends, but they are not close...​

    8Theresa Gould
    I was a bit older when this happened to me, 11 or 12. It happened at camp. I was freaked out and I came home and told my mom and she basically told me 1. I wasn't going back to camp and 2. that I didn't have to like the boy back if I didn't want to. Straight and to the point. I think I'd probably do the same and feel pretty peeved at the boy.
      Oh man.. I think this kinda goes back to.. not the boy's fault... but hello Mom, why make a sweet little girl uncomfortable? I feel for the Mom of the little girl.. I remember being MEAN to boys bc they would tell me they liked me and I hated it haha Sometimes kids aren't remotely into loving or feelings.. and it makes it so weird when some little boy takes it to an odd level. I might not call the other Mom.. but send a nice email saying that's fine and cute.. but they are ONLY 9.. it kinda made my daughter uncomfortable.. and see if she GETS it. Do you think the Mom of the boy would GET it? Or didn't even know what was said in the letter?
        Amanda Hurley
        I don't know what I would do. I have a friend who thinks its "cute" that my 6 year old calls people her "boyfriend". I put my foot down. She is too young for boyfriends. She has no idea what love is. I feel I would do the same at nine. That is too young for dating, feelings, or any other sort of other boyfriend/girlfriend problems.
          I don't see what the big deal is, honestly. Yes he came on a bit strong. No, I doubt he meant anything awful by it. If the roles were reversed and a girl was saying she wanted to marry a boy and be his wife who would think twice about it?

          I also think the mom of the girl should have taught her how to gracefully say "No thank you." That's something we have to teach our kids as they get a little older.
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