How Do you Teach Your Kids How to Escape A school Shooting without Scaring the Crap out of them?

Ugh... ANother school shooting.. I've already vented and cried so I'll move on to my point..

After reading so many things about the survivors of these shootings, you start to get ideas of how YOU would handle the situation, or HOPE your KIDS would handle...

HOW do you A. discuss a school shooting with your child and NOT frighten them? and B. how do you teach your kids ways to survive during one?

Example: (And this is going to sound super morbid and dark)

A few of the kids hid under their friends bodies and played dead to avoid the shooter.. (vomit).. so, these kids were smart.. brilliant.. Would my son or daughter think to do that or would they make a break for the door? I don't know.. I would want them to "play dead".. BUT, how do I teach them that without telling them the horrible things in the schools???


    8Theresa Gould
    I don't know either, but if we asked our kids I bed they'd come up with some surprising ideas.
    8Theresa Gould
    Like playing the "What if..." game.
      Ugh.. another AWFUL day in the life of the school sense.. a 12 year old? Sick.

      Anyways.. I would maybe spin it as a "plan of action" for MANY things.. not just a shooting, to make it not as dark or deep... maybe an earthquake out there? And then spin off of that.. like if someone scary comes in the room.. etc.. just like stranger danger? Make a threat known so they think about it to some extent.. but perhaps not dwell on a shooter or kids dying.. does that make any sense? ha
        Amanda Hurley
        Like I have said before, my 6 year old and I talk about these situations often. She is very mature in matters like this. She knows in general what she should do. She knows there are bad people out there, and she has seen the news reports of other school shootings.
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