Appropriate Halloween Costumes? A "murderer" is not one...

​Standing in a group of moms and kids yesterday, I overheard that one of the kids was going to be a "Murderer" for halloween...


I know that 9 year olds don't grasp the sensitivity of that word and his costume is the stereo type 'jeans, black shirt, blood, mask and knife"...But, It freaked me out a little... I know that at 9 they want to hang up their storm trooper costumes and become something edgier and scarier, but a murderer? Not a character in a horror movie.. but just a general murderer?

Clearly we wont be trick or treating with him...

AM I being sensitive? Weird? This mom is great too... kids a pretty cool kid.. But if my son came to me and said this, I would do a big dose of WTF why? check... you know? ANd then bring it down.. to maybe a zombie??

Any moms with older kids that want to be something scary?

    8Theresa Gould
    No I don't think I'd allow any criminal type characters. I don't think you are being sensitive, cautious yes.
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