I got my son "back" and I paid for it.. LOL

My son thinks it's hilarious to scare his younger sister.. Jumping out at her, hiding behind a door and telling her a big is on her.. she screams, pushed him and he laughs his hiney off.. It's very innocent.. It's part of the sibling thing that an older brother SHOULD mess with his sister... But, it was getting out of hand.. became too much.. I told him, look.. it's fine every now and then, that's what brothers do.. but enough..

But he did it again. So, I told him... LOOK.. Knock it off, or I will get you back... I said this with a playful, sneaky smile btw.. We are very playful family, but it was getting UNfun for my daughter...

So.. shocker.. he did it again and literally seconds later, I hid in the tub and he came back whistling to wash his hands and I jumped out of the shower curtain and went "wubba wubba wubba"​... The LOOK on his face was AWESOME.. He screamed and then cried.. and laughed at the same time...and I said, See? it's not fun anymore.. knock it off..

He did..

But now.. I got to scaredy cats... lol.. My son before leaving the room, will ask where I am.. I promised I won't do it again.. unless HE does it again...

Maybe I'm a bad mom... oh well.. That look on his face was SO worth it...

    8Theresa Gould
    :) Yep. I love it if we are all watching a movie (or even if we are all just hanging out talking), but in a movie when a climax is about to happen I scream and scare everyone. Then laugh! ;) If we are all just talking, I've sometimes just gone, "Ahhhhhh!" and still scare them when they least expect it.
      Amanda Hurley
      I had a friend who did that with all her boys, except she did it at night when they would get up to use the bathroom. You should have had a camera handy. That would be a photo to show his future wife.
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