Challenge them more at home...

Sometimes the gifted classes sets kids apart from other kids and segregates them.. and can also come with added pressure that you didn't think of prior... I would rather have my child bored at school but have confidence in their work rather than struggling ... Of course I want my child challenged... But, in public school systems mainly, I can't always rely on them...

SO, I make sure that at home and the weekends, my kids are challenged.. Whether it's a board game we play or a workbook at home, we read a lot and both of my kids are advanced readers... I have a rule, a book every two weeks and then we talk about it.. Sometimes I read a long with my 9 year old son.. he reads and I read it on my kindle so I can answer any questions he has...

After school classes or programs.. science programs or computer coding classes.. these are all things I look for to challenge them after...

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