Moms over 40

Im a mama at age 44 and I love it! I do get some comments time to time, like is she yours? Awww is that your granddaughter! OMG I look 33! Some people, but I stand proud and say yes she is my daughter. Any mama over 40? If so, any challenges?

    8Theresa Gould
    I had my eighth and last at 40. He's 3.5 now. The only challenge was the pregnancy itself. Back pain, low iron and sciatica, though I struggled with sciatica in all my pregnancies.

    I look fairly young and often get, "You don't look old enough to have eight kids!" So those are challenges I haven't had yet....maybe once my gray hair starts being more noticeable I'll get that. ;) Right now, even my husband says my gray hair looks blonde but I know the difference! lol!
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        03/01/14 have to bring up the big "40" i am not there yet but inching towards it in a couple of years! ...
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