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So, I'm a stay at home mom with my 17 month old daughter. I'm just 21 years old, my husband works full time & I feel like I need to do something more with my life, help with money. Which, I know being a stay at home mom is doing a great thing & I'm blessed to be able to do that. I don't wanna leave my daughter to go back to working a 9-5 job, me & her have a routine and were very attached to each other & I don't want to ruin that. So, lately I've been really feeling like God has been trying to talk to me, like I should be fulfilling my purpose in life for him before our time is up. I feel like I have an awesome story that could hopefully prevent other young girls of teen pregnancy or even premarital sex. I have been thinking about maybe starting a blog or even above and beyond, writing a book. I just don't really know where to begin, so that's where I need anyone's help, any information on how I could go about so. I'd even be interested in public speaking. I do understand that girls these days mainly want to learn the hard way, they don't want to listen, because I know how I was just a few years ago back in high school. I just really feel like this is what God is calling me to do.

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    Aubrey.. that's great that you feel a calling to help and reach out.. and share your story! Like Tammy said, I would reach out to local HS.. and ask if they ever need someone to chat about the outcome of having a baby so young. Blogs are very easy to start too.. go to Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr.. sign up and start writing :) If you start blogging about something you are passionate about.. that is when it makes a difference!
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