I hate play dough and my daughters doll creeps me out... and when it first starts to get darker earlier, I put my kids to bed earlier than normal cause I can and they don't know yet and I tell them.. "hey.. it's dark.." and it works for like 3 days until they're on to me and look at the clock...

And I have a secret candy stash... every night around 3 am... I hanker for something sweet and I go get a little handful of Reeses pieces and eat them on my way back to bed... sometimes sitting up in the dark and eating them... I was busted though when my daughter woke me up one morning and one was stuck to my neck...​

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        8Theresa Gould
        I've probably done many of these things over the years! :) I can't think of anything specific after reading all of yours.....though I don't think I've purposely broken a toy per se, but I have given them away.
          Amanda Hurley
          I hate the stupid noisy possessed toys. You know, the ones that go off when you walk on the floor. And they usually don't have an off switch.
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