Last night was the worst!!!

So got into a huge fight with my mother in law... She hasn't even made an attempt to see my newborn daughter since she was born...Since SHE walked out of the delivery room right before I had Naomi and never showed back up... But she has been telling everyone she knows that we kicked her out. So she shows up out of nowhere last night while my fiance was gone and we had a huge fight! I hate her. And I'm usually so nice and respectful but I'm tired of her games and her spreading lies about me and my new family.

Does anyone else have a bad relationship with their in laws?

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      im sorry you had to deal with that my mother in law lives in california but everytime she talks to my husband she calls me a different name other then Virginia. i think she likes me but one time she made this comment to my husband that i did not like she asked him so you like those jiffy feed women its like im sorry i have curves and love to eat. and at that time i just had my baby 3 months ago and my parents barely make an attempt to see there granddaughter our even call.
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