Moms, what changed in your life at 40 years old

I had my eighth child at age 40. It was a little rougher pregnancy with more back ache, I had low iron and longer labor for my eighth.

Since turning 40, we've moved to a farm in the country, sold our townhome and we going through my husband's second lay off in six years. I've also started working basically full-time hours. My children are getting older and becoming more independent. Once our six year old is reading, we'll only have one left to teach to read.

So we've had a few changes in the past 3-4 years.

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    Oh Good LORD.. lol... Well, first I had hair in p laces I didn't know hair could grow... my knees began to wrinkle, my bones crick and waking up in the morning, it's like lifting the lid off of my coffin.. I'm all.... crusty... I used to wake up so fresh for the day...

    On the GOOD side.. I've never been more comfortable in WHO I am and the WAY I look than I am right now... An acceptance has come over me.. and a respect for my body and it's needs.. I've been able to see my faults as not faults, but just.. things... just little things that really no one else notices...

    I no longer give my time for other people just to be liked or respected... I choose my friends wisely and don't waste my time on people who are negative or unsupportive or petty..

    I Despise pettiness.. and materialism... despise it.. I can't handle any gossip or anything high school isn that I see goes on with some women. I'm no longer trying to please people all the time.. I just don't care that much.. I'm true to my friends and my family and the people that mean something to me, I care for greatly and nurture those relationships, everyone else can sort of suck it.. In a nice way...

    Oh.. and my butt... there's this little wrinkle like flap of skin at the base of my buns that is just.. there... welcome to 40.
    8Theresa Gould
    :) I forgot about hair in places I would not rather grow hair! I also forgot to mention more gray hair!
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