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I work from home which is suitable to my kids needs and I sell weight loss products which are really awesome and am looking for other Moms who do the same thing who can offer advice on how to boost sales online? I live in Maine and it's too cold to go outside and sell so I could use some advice.

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    I'm not sure how I would do it and what the acceptable form is for online.. But just off the top of my head, I would sign up and register with all the mom/parenting/women/fitness sites and blogs I could.. And begin to submit success stories and comments and engage with the people you are trying to reach. It's not often I find something that I would actually purchase, but If I felt like someone had a real honest story to tell how it helped them... I would totally inquire..
    Awesome thank you and I can totally relate! I have never been a sales person but I found these products that work great for me and was like I want to sell them! I sell them like crazy to my friends and family but i want to do more online.
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