What's the potential signs of autism in toddlers

Impaired social development ,lack of eye contact , repetetive or self stimulatory behaviors , sensory processing

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    The one thing I noticed with my tow friends whose kids both were later diagnosed with autism was they never wanted to hold hands or touch hands and they never wanted their socks on.. they hated shoes.. Since they are little, I often wondered, but it's not something you bring up lightly with your friends.. then hand holding and inability to follow directions.. and behavior issues were large when they were small... and we were doing the beginning of time outs and not throwing things, etc..

    ALSO.. one of my friends daughters would scream bloody murder when my friend would sing to her.. playfully or softly.. anytime.. she thought it was funny and we would laugh about how what a horrible singer she must be that it seems to genuinely HURT her daughters ears.. she was SO distressed .. and would scream no.. and cry and put her hands over her ears.. later we realized it was a sensory thing.. she was so sensitive that we were told it was like nails down a chalkboard for her... not just bad pitch.. ;)
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        my son has mild autism and doesnt want anything moved out of its spot in his room. He also doesnt like real bold or bright colors. He is almost obsessed with video games or so i thought. The doctor said video games were like therapy to autistic children. Mainly the older ones. I let him play for a while then he takes a break. The autism didnt hinder him learning. Honor student in high school. Graduated on time with his class from high school two days ago. I am so proud of him.