..new parent night out :)

Do you all remember the first time you went out sans baby?

How soon it was?

Where you went?

How long were you gone?

Was it nice to be out?


We have already been out since having Monroe.. huge kudos to my super sweet parents.. they made us go out for Valentine's Day, for just a few hours.. 3 to be exact.. hello I am nursing! hehe But he was only a week old but it was so nice and fun to just be alone with my Hubby and chat!

    Few hours. Dinner. I was a mess and my boobs leaked and I couldn't wait to get home.
    Tried again the next week. I cried.
    The week after that I drank a pitcher of margaritas and pumped and dumped.
    Fourth time was better.
    Fifth we talked about other things for like a second.
    Sixth week.. Couldn't wait to leave the house.

    Don't expect to be totally free but know baby is fine ;)
      My husband and I just had our first date night and our son just turned 3 months. Just went out to dinner for a few hours while my husband's sister had a ball watching him for us.

      Both of us decided we hate being out without our son with us. Not that it's not nice to have some alone time, but we're just both happier when he's with us and miss him too much when we're away from him.
      So I don't know when our next date night will be but he will be with us!
        The first time we left our oldest daughter with anyone it was because my father in law was in the hospital and not going to makt it. So every day or every other day we would go up there for a couple hours and spend as much time as we had left with him. It was a very difficult time for us, having to leave our new baby so often and trying to spend as much time as we could with my father in law.
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