Long Labor

Update: Having small contractions since 34 weeks. This has turned into the longest labor. On Sunday I barely ate anything because I was so nauseous and having huge contractions every 20 minutes for 2 hours. It got down to every 5 minutes for two hours. By the time I got to the hospital - BOOM! Contractions stopped completely. I felt like having a breakdown. I was also only 1 1/2 cm. Tuesday - dr. appointment, I denied them hooking me up because it was still small contractions. I was 3 cm and finally got another ultrasound to check weight and baby's position. 37 weeks - 7 lb 3 oz. My midwife said that my water should break on its own and be more patient. I feel like the hugest pansy. Being induced - I am now glad that I didn't have this "false hope" that I am going through now. Now entering Friday, constant pain - barely able to eat or breathe from pain. I can't tell if I am having contractions from the punching and kicking. Lay down? That hurts ten times worse. Praying this is considered normal and still waiting on my water to break. I would eat spicy food, but it seems that makes my little contractions disappear.

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    He almost crawled out - I only had to push once.
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