My signs..

I had NONE! Other than a missed period I had no idea I was pregnant. Looking back now, we were on vacation and I drank and smoked a LOT less because it was making me feel a little weird. I was tired on our trip back way more tired than normal but I though that was due to the 23 hour drive back...

I had a late period that's about it. I tested at home once when I was about 5 days late and it was negative. Around 9 days late I went to this place here called Essential Pregnancy Services. Tested there and it was negative again. The lady told me it could be stress due to being back to work from vacation and my schedule being all out of whack because I was working nights again after being on days for two weeks. She told me to come back if I still hadn't started.

My 12th day late I went back and tested again. I really didn't believe I was pregnant. I had been really disappointed with the last two negative tests so I put in my head that I WAS NOT pregnant and I was just going for the heck of it. My husband and I had nothing better to do that day so to kill time we made another trip.

Whatayaknow! It was positive. My HCG levels just weren't high enough with the two previous tests! I found out at 5 weeks 5 days! Once I hit 8 weeks or so is when I started getting symptoms. Morning sickness, fatigue etc. I got just about everything but sore breasts. And still to this day at 33 weeks I still have yet to have sore breast. They have not changed AT ALL. Except for more veins and darker more sensitive nipples (tmi) they have not grown or been sore at all.

I guess I am in a long post kind of mood tonight!!

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