Ghosts and children

This is goin to sound weird. When I was pregnant with my first son I started seeing ghosts in my house. I would wake up and see hieroglyphics on the wall and wake up to people standing over me or trying to get out of a door that could not lock. I thought it was just my body changing with the pregnancy that gave me hieroglyphics. But after my son was born he would stare and laugh or get scared of things that were not there. He would raise a toy up as if to hand it to someone or something I could not see. He refused to sleep in his bed by himself. And roll balls that would come back to him with no possible explanation. None of this has happened since we moved. I'm convinced he saw and played with supernatural at our old home. There is no way to tell someone how to react to something like this just keep as calm as possible.

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    Hieroglyphics is Egyptian writing.
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