Lots of friends and still alone

My husband and I have a great group of friends who have been very supportive and are adopted aunts and uncles to our son. But as supportive as they are, none of them have kids. I don't want to be that mom who all she talks about is her kid . But I also don't have any one to turn to.

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    Are there mom groups? Just getting your kids involved in a sport or activity will open up a HUGE world of mom friends to you... Even just once a week you can make a friend to meet at a park with your kids.
    As for no kids friends. I have a lot if those too. I give them minor details and them look at it as an opportunity to talk about other things and am grateful for the break.
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    I had my first child in April 2013, just before our one year anniversary. Riley has been an absolute joy and I love every minute of being mom. But I am the first among my friends to have a child, so there isn't always an easy place to go for advice.