Breastfeeding.. Scheduled or On Demand?

Mamas! As a first time Mama, everything is new to me.. But I am trying my hand and hardest at breastfeeding and after the first two hard weeks, it's getting better! The one big issue I have seen with bf'ing is whether you keep them on a set schedule when feeding or do it more on demand, when the baby is hungry.. Obviously at first, regardless, it needs to be often and about 2-3 hours apart.. Once they hit and surpass their birthweight though, so many friends said they stopped waking them to eat and let them tell you when they were hungry. We have stared this Monroe and personally think it works so much better.. What say you Mamas!?

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    Breastfeeding should be done on demand. Let Monroe breastfeeding as often as he wants for as long as he wants. Letting him determine the length and frequency is the best for his growth and keeping your milk supply up.
      On demand is the way to go. After they are pass their birthweight, you do not need to wake them up. They will wake up when hungry. It took me a couple of weeks to get to that point, though many times I would get up to pump and then Kaitlyn would wake up right after I finished. Thankfully she took a bottle from me. It was nice once she had more of a schedule to help me plan, even though it seemed to change every few weeks. By the time I went back to work, she was on a schedule and has been ever since.
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