2nd baby

how long did you wait for a second baby
how old were you
what was you situation
planned or not

    Started trying when baby #1 was 18 months old (knew that I wanted more than 2 years gap but less than 3) and got pregnant pretty quickly. Was 30 years old for that one...Then when #2 was 21 months, started trying for #3 and got pregnant right away. Was 33. There's not really a right or wrong way to do it, though I do personally believe that a gap of less than 2 year is very tough for the mother both physically and emotionally.
      My second daughter was at my first daughters bday. They are 11 months apart. I think I was 20 lol. She wasn't planned but a very happy surprise. I had a newborn and couldn't remember to take the pill and hormones were going crazy, I think I was pregnant right around my 6 week check up. If I couldve made a bigger gap between them I would have. It was very hard on me.
        8Theresa Gould
        My second was actually a miscarriage. My first was 13 months old. I was 27 going on 28. Then a few months later I got pregnant with our second born. When she was born I was 28 going on 29. We had been married for nearly five years. She and our oldest are 25 months and one week apart. I was a stay at home mom. My husband was a purchasing manager. All were planned.
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        Spook I was a teenager when I first got pregnant I got married after my second I work and take care of my family currently me n my husband are planning our third