How do you Moms DO it!

Okay.. so I am already thinking AHEAD.. like when baby is here.. and I have to be at the studio in the am.. drop the baby off somewhere first.. and goodness Moms.. I am tired just thinking about it.

Did you have to go back to work in the early am after awhile? What helped you out? What drove you mad? What made things easier?

Granted, I will be getting up early just 4 days a week and only working a few hours.. but I give such kudos to peeps who have kids, work 9-5 jobs and have to get them somewhere and then go to work - hats off!​

    8Theresa Gould
    I've never had to do that so I don't have any help to share. But you will figure it out.

    I do know this is the very reason we've limited the activities we are involved in! If we hadn't I would have been loony before now.
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