What are MOMS clothes!? :)

I wear clothes for both style and comfort.. Clothing styles largely depend on what you DO I think.. Ie.. Stay at home Mom, business gal, fitness lady, the list goes on.. I have the luxury of working from home and working in the fitness industry.. So for me, comfort mixed with style works for me.. Leggings, tanks, zip ups, scarves.. So I hate to classify something as MOMS clothing.. To each their own for everyone!

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    I have a good mix of business, dressy and relaxed/lounge wear like pilate/yoga clothes too. What is your fitness style, do you do yoga and pilates?
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        Moms clothing is that stereotype. It's a stereotype for a reason lol.
        BUT I think it's like mom jeans or the moms that wear too small yoga pants (but don't actually do yoga).. Ya feeling me?
        I don't dress much differently then me before kids.. I'm still in jeans or cargo pants, flip flops, t shirt, tank, sweatshirts..
        I think that you can look cute in a sweatshirt and jeans and you can look frumpy and miserable too.
        That's where the mom thing comes into play.. When moms are so tired and stressed they don't have time or care when it comes to themselves and just sort of throws whatever on. Which I do all the time as well. Lol

        Look around at the other moms now. You'll see it ;)
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