Baby Travel.. How soon?


How soon did you start traveling with your baby after they were born?

Perhaps on a trip?

Perhaps just to the store or for errands?

Did you fly? Drive by car to vacation?

We are travelers and definitely don't want to stop.. so I am curious!​

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      I haven't done it yet, but I talked to several of the moms in my neighborhood who all travelled with very young children. They all said travelling in infancy is WAY easier than trying to travel with a toddler. Not much of a fuss at all according to them. I did read online that if you fly with a newborn that

      1. If you're breastfeeding, have some extra vitamin C (think like those fizzy Airborne tabs for WAAAY extra) so you can transfer it to baby and

      2. Put mittens/socks on baby's hands on-board so they aren't touching all the germy surfaces and putting it to their mouths.

      I read somewhere on Pinterest of a lady who handed cards out to everybody saying it was her twin babies' first time flying, their ears might hurt and to please not be annoyed. If the passengers wanted some relief she was giving out candy and earplugs at her seat. I think this is a precious, and possibly very helpful idea!
      Oh I loveeeee all this, Cassaundra! I didn't know about the Vitamin C at all.. what a great tip.. or think about the mittens and socks.. so important - thanks so much! I can picture it being easier with an itty bitty baby as opposed to someone who can move and shake a lot.. I mean those seats are tiny enough! ha And I also saw those packs to hand out people flying with you.. so sweet and thoughtful I think!
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          Amanda Hurley
          I took all of my kids to the store immediately after being released from the hospital. I am not a homebody.
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