Challenges ....

What challenges are you facing lately? Personally, I am fighting the challenge to "let go of control" I am a bit of a control freak ... but when it comes to events and situations where others want to help I have a hard time letting go. For example I have many moms who want to help with my girl scout troop but too many hands can spoil things I fear... should I keep control or just let go? What do you do?

    Im trying to get my kids back, under control. I love my girls to death and they can be so sweet, sometimes, and other times they are those bratty kids. I don't know what to do anymore. They fight, they don't listen when me or their dad tells them to do something, they are constantly talking about pee and poop. Please some advise lol. In your situation I'd let go just a little. You can keep control but maybe have a couple people to help you so your not overwhelmed.
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      Stefany ... OMG... so funny I did not see this before I posted a comment this AM... I posted about not being able to say NO ... this is such a big challenge for me!
        Stefany ... I totally get it!
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