Stinky/ Smelly Feet in Children!!!!

I am putting exclamation points in my heading because this is such a problem! My daughter (10 years old) has HORRIBLE foot odor issues! I KNOW it is from her feet sweating in her gym shoes/school shoes... but what the heck will help the situation? We have bought foot spray but this seems to only mask the issue as does foot power or baby powder. i mean she showers regularly...EVERYDAY!! So it is not because she is unwashed LOL! But seriously has anyone ever experienced this issue with children? ... on an adult level I know that when I worked and wore panty hose my feet would smell... but I think that was more of a hosiery issue!

    My daughter had that and I was so grossed out.
    I started putting lotrimin between her toes.. It's like a yeast cream, jock itch, etc. and it went away.

    I never noticed anything there and she said they didn't itch but I dunno.. Must've been a fungus hiding. But lotrimin, vagisil.. Those types of creams change her feet. Swear.

    Also baking soda soak and Epsom salt soak but the cream. It's like athletes four cream.
    Jessica... yeah we tried that stuff... to no avail! Talked to the doc this morning and she said sometimes it is just that feet sweat so much it causes the odor. She said some people even resort to Botox to help the issue (although she was not advocating that for my child ... just stating a factoid!) ... UGH! And Linda... we have so many socks it is crazy new ones old ones... washed ones ... stinky ones! LOL! I bought some Hibliclens (anticeptic wash) someone told me that might help ... we will see... the doc also said to try the odor insoles... we will!
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