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I would like to know if anyone else has experienced or is experiencing this. For the most part our little guy is a super happy baby and is constantly smiling, but the ONLY way he is completely content is if he is being held in an upright position and walked around. He does not even like to sit in my lap while I'm sitting down. He does not easily tolerate "tummy time" with toys or laying on his back with toys above him. He does enjoy a walker more than anything else, but he is still so little so I'm not sure that I like him in it so much. It's like he is enamored with mobility or something. Even at at just a month old he loved it when we would support his weight and let him go through the motions of walking across the floor. He is my first baby and I'm just not sure how normal any of this is.

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      It's normal, my daughter had her moments when she didn't like tummy time she likes to stand on daddy's lap instead of sitting. Try to do tummy time with a rolled towel under the arm pits or use a nursing pillow to ease him into it more just a few min at a time building up to a longer length of time.
        Avery's been that way from the beginning too. She just wanted to be up and seeing everything. She was an early sitter and stander but still refuses to crawl. She doesn't want to be down on the floor. I think it's normal but very tough on mamas. They're very ambitious and want to do things their little body isn't ready for so they constantly want us to help them.

        Baby wearing is great, but isn't always an option. Do you have a bumbo seat you can put him in for a bit at a time? He'll get to sit upright and maybe even start sitting early. Once they can sit it's much easier because they don't need you to hold them up all the time.

        Tummy time is still important - the rolled up towel under their chest is a great option. Otherwise we we told to let her lay on her side facing us (we would lay on our side too). Eventually they realize it's not so bad and roll to their tummies. Avery was surprisingly good at tummy time up until she learned to sit up - then that's all she wanted to do.
        Thanks for sharing Taylor :) it is tough at times and it's nice to know I'm not the only one. I do feel like once he is able to sit it will get easier. Like you said it's almost like he is just getting ahead of himself at times. He is super excited to move and see everything, but unable to do any of it on his own. I love that he is so excited to learn and experience and I love helping him to do it, but man is it taxing at times.

        I do have a bumbo, but he despises the thing and arches his back and cries when we've tried it out. He doesn't like that he can't stretch his legs out or stand if he wants like he can in the walker.

        On rare occasions I can get him to lay on his tummy for a while and I let him do it as long as he'll stand because I know it is good for him. We'll lay with him while he rolls around and try to encourage it as much as possible while letting him know that it can be fun. I also let him roll around for a bit when he wakes up in the morning and from naps. He is able to lift himself up while on his tummy and I feel like he is strong enough that if he wanted he could crawl. I've even tried to go through the crawling motions with him, but he just gets frustrated about being in the floor. Maybe soon he'll figure out that being on his tummy for a bit isn't so bad. He was on his tummy yesterday for a little longer than usual. Maybe we're making progress? (fingers crossed)
        The crawling thing has been very frustrating for us. I know she's strong enough to do it, and has been for a long time. She just get's frustrated that she can't get to things as fast as if she's walking. Plus if she's crawling she can't use her hands to grab things like she can while walking.

        She started pulling up to standing around 6/7mo and will grab us to pull up if she want to walk somewhere. She get's so excited she actually bounces and 'skips' while she walks. It looks so funny because she's really tiny for her age (only like 15lbs at 9mo) people think she's really young to walk.

        She has a walker that she loves to stand in, but get's frustrated because it's too heavy for her to move. We just got her one of those push walker toys that they hold onto and walk. She's a little unstable on it but she can get moving pretty fast so it's fun. We just have to help her a bit. Maybe your son will like one of those when he's a bit older.
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