Now that you're back in the presence of adults, I'm sure you'll slowly forge connections again and find stuff to talk about... I too have problems sometimes with connecting with people, realizing my interests are often unrelated to most others.... but it seems we all have a little connection, a lot of us out there are feeling the same, and sometimes all it takes is a truly honest conversation that means something to you to get others doing the same. There might be a few fraidy cats out there who will judge you, but there are plenty of us out there yearning to make a real connection with another person. It just takes a dose of courage to put yourself out there. And if they judge you, f*ck 'em. (Figuratively, lol.)
      8Theresa Gould
      I'd say give it a little more time. You will reconnect...maybe about work...maybe about another topic you find in common with a co-worker. Hang in there.
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