picture or no picture

to save money we are making my son's invitations to his birthday party, the theme is Ghostbusters so we put a picture of Ghostbusters and lines from the movie along with the party info, I wanted to add a photo of my son to it but my daughter thinks just having his name is good enough, and she created an invitation. I like hers but also like mine but don't want to hurt her feelings, my son likes both as well. not sure what to do

4JennHanover, Pennsylvania
    Benita Stephenson
    I would met in the middle, and use both.
      Ah I used to love GB! Did not know they were making a comeback!
        I think I will print out some of each. we watched Ghostbusters on tv a couple weeks ago and he loved it so I bought him the dvd's and he is obsessed. I went on pizap and chose a background, added ghostbusters pic and created the invitations, we used lines from the song to announce the party
          Jenn ... so cute!
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