Third Delivery

It is true, every pregnancy, delivery, and baby are different.

First Pregnancy with my daughter: I did not eat the way I should have. I was working as a part time cashier at Wal-Mart with full time hours. With a very little income and rent - I was denied food stamps and was told I was trying too hard. I ended up getting braxton hicks at 23 weeks which caused me to pass out a few times. I ended up quiting work and went on bed rest. I was induced a week early. I knew kind of what to expect due to the braxton hicks. They hooked me up to the machine and started the medicine at 5:20, broke water at 8:30. I started getting nauseous around 11:15 - I was 7 cm, so they gave me demmorial. At 12:28 she arrived with me higher than a kite. LOL My husband loves to tell people how he will never let me get high again. I did have complications due to the fact she was stuck on my hip. They used a vacuum - she was perfectly healthy - me? I had to have two pints of blood and couldn't walk for two weeks. She weighed 8 lb 9 1/2 oz and 20.75 in long.

Second Pregnancy was a miscarriage around 5 weeks. I found out that I had lost it the night before the confirmation ultrasound.

Third Pregnancy was great other than vericose veins, gestational diabetes, and rash. The rash got so bad I was put on steroids. I was induced a week early. I got my IV started at 8 something, water broken around 10. He arrived at 2:48. I did get an epidural because all my labor was in my back. He would have arrived sooner if the doctor was not delivering a baby in the next room. Having to hold it was one of the worst feelings. He was 9 lb 1 oz and 22 inches long. No problems or tearing. He also did very well with breastfeeding up until I fell and damaged a milk duct when he was 2 weeks old. It was sad, but he is as healthy as an ox, nevertheless and looks like a football player already with his broad shoulders.

Fourth Pregnancy didn't show up on the pregnancy tests until it was too late. I ended up having all the symptoms, but lost it before getting in with a doctor. I want to guess around 8 or 9 weeks.

Fifth Pregnancy showed up at first as ectopic due to all the cramping and getting an ultrasound at 3 weeks. It was stressful with a two year old and five month old. God prevailed! I had morning sickness to the extreme and a lot of pain through out the pregnancy. I went into preterm labor at 34 weeks and ended up taking medicine to keep him from arriving too early. At 36 weeks, medicine stopped, I had small continual contrations along with False Labor for two weeks straight. I posted a note on here about this being the longest labor ever! About two hours after I posted it, I ended up going into full force labor! The contractions were 2 - 4 minutes apart for 16 hours straight. I got an epidural at 12:30 before my midwife broke my water - I was roughly 5 cm. When she broke my water I turned green almost all over. They started inducing me to speed up the labor just incase the epidural slowed down my labor too much. at 3 p.m. they checked me - I was over 8 cm and the nurse almost ran out of the room to tell my midwife. I had been taking a nap. I took another small nap when I got woke up feeling the contractions. My midwife had me lay down and ran out of the room to get everything ready. She kept smiling really big then said, "I see a head" Sure enough, one push and he slid right out. Born 37 weeks and 4 days - he weighed 8 lb 3 oz and 19 in long. Smaller than my other two, he is a full of rolls. Due to my gestational diabetes - his blood sugar has been low. Due to me not eating much the day before yesterday, when I tried breastfeeding he has had to supplement several times. I'm praying when my milk comes in - I won't have to supplement so much. I also found out that he is tongue tied. This at first began to worry me about trying to breastfeed however, after I ate a good meal and went to breastfeed again, he latched on and ate wonderfully! I am still not sure if they are going to clip his tongue here at the hospital or at the doctors office. He is under a light for Jaundice through tonight. Depending on his sugar, jaundice, and how I am doing tomorrow (right now running a fever and getting extremely weak) we may be able to go home tomorrow before an ice storm hits.

This has defiantly been an experience! Sad, but true - this will be the last pregnancy. Maybe in the future I will adopt or foster.

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    Aw... thanks for sharing Danielle! So many amazing stories!

    I wanted to share that you are not alone... baby Monroe, who is just 3 weeks old, is tongue tied too! But to his advantage is doing so so great and they don't feel the need to lance his tongue currently. At our 1 week check he had already gained weight from the hospital, and at our 2 week check he had surpassed his birthweight! The doc said he wanted to make sure that happened because obviously it meant he was feeding just fine (I am breastfeeding too) and then he wasn't worried about lancing his tongue.

    Now.. since we are in the same tongue tied boat.. I will tell you I feel it takes him some time sometimes to latch on.. but he has seemed to have gotten the hang of it! I've never had a baby before.. so I don't have any previous bf'ing pains to compare it all to... but I did resort to a nipple shield, just for the one side because it became so painful and it actually seems to help him latch on a ton.. I don't use it on both sides, so he hasn't really become dependent on it either.. :)

    Okay.. just wanted to share! SO excited for your new babe!!!
    Danielle Keltner
    I enjoyed reading your story, Meg! I have never really looked into anything such as tongue tie or gestational diabetes until a doctor tells me to. It's horrible how blind I am I don't want to worry. I have heard of other people with tongue tied babies and they complained they were not able to breastfeed. This little guy is doing great though!

    I'm glad you're able to breastfeed and doing well! Tea bags are a great pain reliever as well! (dunk a tea bag in warm water several times, drain and put on nipple after feeding)
      My nephew was tongue tied also ... the doctor told us not to we did not. At about 2 years old his area that was attached split on its own and he was no longer tongue tied... Natural occurance the doc said! He is now 4 and has minor speech issues...not sure if it is because of tongue tie or other issues though.
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