Do you rent or own? how much? urban or rural area?

We pay 500 month 3bedroom house 1 bath rent, but not much sq. footage in a rural are but my husbands moving to a higher paying job in a more urban area so will be looking for a 3 bd/2 bath house

    We pay $700/month for a two bedroom apartment that is about 500 sq. feet. That does include water and trash. We pay electric (heat is electric, stove is too). There are 5 of us living here, it is extremely cramped.

    We are in a MCOL area, but it is rural and the majority of people who live here have relatively low incomes. The local elementary school is 75+% free/reduced lunch.

    Our building is 99% people who are on Section 8, and when we moved here we were too. Now SO has a good job and we're off the program, but the way they take you off the program has left us in a financial hole we have to climb out of before we can move.

    The thing that really bites is that we could afford a nicer, larger, THREE bedroom apartment for only $100-$150/month more, if we could only get out of this financial hole and get the money saved up for first months rent, last months rent and the security deposit.

    IMO, the rent in the building is so high for the size and quality of the apartments is due to the fact that the rental agency gets 99% of its payments through a government program that is NOT checking into the quality before paying.

    Very few people who have to pay out of pocket would pay $700/month for this place, there is no maintenance, no grounds keeping, no snow removal, no parking, no insulation, huge gaps around doors and windows, the walls are so thin we can hear each others conversations, the floors are freezing cold, etc.

    On the other hand, the people who live here (including us when we were on the program) have no other options in our town. It's either live in this building or move to the city 45 minutes away.
      We own our home but have been helping a friend look for options for renting... we are in a suburban area... semi rural. Rent around here goes for about 1500.00 per month for a 3 bedroom 1.5 bath townhouse (approx. 1000 square feet)
      that is w/o utilitites... I feel like rent is too expensive around here!
        We live in a country suburb. We rent a 2 with the possibility of 3 bedroom 1 bath bath and we set on probably a acre and a half maybe a little more. Our rent is $625 a month.
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