people these days!

it really bugs me that people who just had their child are already giving their newborn babies to somebody for the night or weekend or whatever so they can go party! I don't care how young you are but if you chose to lay down and make that child then you best take care of that child and not just pawn them off because your young and want to have fun. I had my son as soon as I turned 19, I NEVER once pawned him off, his first year of life I was stingy and wouldn't let nobody have my son but me. I understand wanting to have a night out but not every weekend or every other day! you're going to regret it when that child grows up before your eyes and you missed most of it because you chose to use the excuse i'm young I want to have fun instead of having to spend time and late nights with your child. That's when somebody tells me at work or something that they had fun last night or over the weekend or whatever because so and so watched their kid, and when I hear it ALLLL the time, I just simply say "gosh I wish I had somebody who I can just pawn my child off to" I don't know about them but I absolutely love my late nights watching movies with my son or taking him a bath every night and reading him a bedtime story before bed. at least I know I'm not missing out on my child's life.

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    the only person I ever let have my son for the weekend at a young age was my dad because my dad works in Kentucky all week and never gets t see my son so I let him have him on the weekend but what was I doing? working all weekend. yeah I understand a break because we work hard as moms and deserve a break, but everyday is not a break. my son goes everywhere with me unless he is at home sick with his dad, or im going to work or school, but other than that my son is usually always with me everywhere I go.
      My kids are 3&4 and have never spent the night anywhere. Before I wasn't comfortable enough and now they don't want to so I'm not going to push it. Personally I think your kid should be home with you most the time except one or maybe two nights a month.
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