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As a former middle school teacher, I saw a difference when the kids wore uniforms and when we had out of uniform days in regards to their behavior. I think it's the same principle for adults going to work; you should dress respectfully for the job. It also helps that some kids can't afford brand name clothes.

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    I went to public school and we didn't have uniforms but always wondered if I would have liked them. As a kid my instinct was to hate the idea of uniforms but looking back it would've been nice to not have to think about what to wear every morning. I had no fashion sense and very little money so I dressed like an idiot most of the time, LOL. I didn't get teased too much but others did. I can definitely see how uniforms would cut down on bullying. As a mom I would love it if Avery had uniforms because I wouldn't have to bother buying all the coolest clothes every year. Just a few cute outfits for the weekends

    The only downside I see is that kids don't really learn how to dress themselves if they're always told what to wear. The private school in our neighborhood was K-8 so most of them went to public high school with us. You could always tell who they were because they dressed differently. It was like we all had 8 years of experience with schoolyard fashion trends that they didn't. I remember one girl wearing a winnie the poo sweatshirt, not thinking that high schoolers probably wouldn't be into winnie the pool. Or a guy that had the most perfect outfits... and wore them in a perfect rotation just like he did with his old uniform

    Learning to dress yourself appropriately, learning your own style, and learning how to read fashion trends is something that non-uniform kids start learning in Kindergarten. It's a trial and error thing that uniform kids just don't get.
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