Getting pregnant fast.

I wrote a post recently about fertility help, but I feel like it merits saying again. Fertilitea (Chasteberry/Vitex as the main ingredient), soy isoflavones, and Evening Primrose Oil. ​Worked in just one cycle for me after 3.5 years of trying! There are loads of posts online with similar success stories at varying dosages.

This applies significantly to women who have very long and/or erratic cycles.

For hubby, selenium for better little swimmers and a testosterone boost.

Good luck to all you TTC'ers!

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    8Theresa Gould
    Thanks for sharing what worked for you. Here's to hoping it works again!
      Thank you for the information but how do i get these items and how do i use them please. I am a bit new to this. Getting my tubes tied soon and as soon as possible want to get started on my next little one .
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