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I have a two and half year old daughter who has had a very bad year and half. It started October 2013, multiple cases of strep, ear infections, pnuemonia, RSP, UTI and sinus infections. In Jan 2014 she became so ill, that her oxygen levels were in the 50's, and her RSV turned into a bacterial infection in her lungs which spread to her blood. She was then life-flighted to Vanderbilt Childrens Hosptial, where at that time the outcome was unknown. She was in the PICU for 7 days on breathing machines, medicines, tubes...the WORKS. They finally got her better after 14 days in hosptial we came home, with a very fragile and anemic little girl. But it didnt end there. Since then, she has had pnuemonia, RSV, Strep, ear infections, rotovirus, UTI with ecoli in her urine, i mean you name it she has had it. She takes several medicines a day. She had surgery in June 2014 to remove tonsils, adenoids, tubes in both ears, scopes and biopies. Found out she has acid reflux disease which we are treating with two seperate meds and not much as changed. Since her sugery in june, she has had 8 cases of Strep (with NO tonsils), 7 Ear infections with tubes still in place, rotovirus, flu (with flu shots), uti's, and the list goes on and on. They have tested her for numerous things, CF neg, Immune disorders all negative, nothing has been linked to as to why my daughter stays sick. She has 8 specialst at Vanderbilt. We are all just stumped as to what to do next. The latest thing we have found out was that her kidneys produce phosphorus crystals, currently waiting on the extended results of those test. We did allergy testing, no enviromental allergies, but she is allergic to Dairy-we cut all the dairy out. I'm just lost. She we goes to Vandy about every 3 weeks for check ups and testing and we are just confused and did not know if there was any other Moms out there with anything similar. Please Help!

    Your daughter and your family are in my prayers,
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