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I'd like advice. future advice. How do i explain to my daughter(when she is older) that she has a half brother the same age as her because her biological father cheated on me and fathered a child with another woman? How do I explain that? How will she feel? Yes, the court will order her to spend time with them...but the logistics of it...like why her dad did that, and how come he didnt choose her? Does anyone have input on this situation?

    I agree with stefany... You tell her how he is her half brother because they have the same daddy and that you love her and daddy loves her very much but you cant say why it is that way... and maybe daddy can explain his feelings on that to her... ( I have a half sister that is 3 months younger then me and I didnt know until we ended up in the same school in 7th grade!! we became friends then later found out that we were half sisters... sad thing tho... my dad still denies her and that "double life" he lived then but I have an amazing sister and best friend out of it all :D )
    Just NEVER keep it from her... it can be very painful to find something like that out on your own as a kid... Good Luck Hun!
      Thank you all so much. I agree with you Stefany that I can't answer for her biological father. those are questions that he will have to answer...boy i'd love to be there when he does! We will make it through. I just need the strength to get through it because I know this is going to be really hard on her and on me. Thankfully we are moving soon and won't be living in the same town anymore so school won't be a problem. Her half brother will just be someone she sees and plays with once a week.
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