Pacify or not!

I know a pacifier can be a source of comfort for a crying or colicky baby.
It satisfies the suck reflex. Protection against SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Use the pacifier when putting baby down to sleep, but don't put it back in baby's mouth once they are already asleep.
I was against using the pacifier at first because I breastfeed, I waited til just recently when she was 3 months, It's been a big help on long car rides and getting baby to sleep through the night.

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Selena spits hers out to when she falls asleep.
    Anthony didnt like the paci at first and it wouldnt soothe him he would just spit it out.. but i started giving it to him more often in the evenings and at night and now he is sleeping much better once he falls asleep he spits it out :D
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