Elryc is teething

i thought we could handle this teething milestone but now that its here we all are having a hard time. he won't stay in the crib for very long, he isn't sleeping which mean mommy and daddy aren't sleeping, i don't know if the teething meds and cold teethers makes it worst sometimes. i feel so bad cause i feel useless that i can't help him...i hope others with teething babies are doing better and if not i hope it does get better

    Teething is very hard to deal with at times, some kids do better than others. When my son started teething we thought we would never sleep either but it got better. We used teething tablets as well as little remedies pain relief before bet time and that helped a lot. Also my son was and still is crazy about chewing on the a soda bottle he will chew on the bottom or the cap I know it sounds crazy and very weird but it seemed to help well still does help or he will take wet wash rags and chew on those as well. I guess when they find something that helps it will help you as well get through this phase! Good Luck!
      my kids didnt have a prob with teething , i got lucky
        I use amber and teething mittens oN my lo and so far so good
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