Confused... About disapline from my other post

so if u didn't read my other post I made about disaplining my four year old... I have a two year old that she likes to act like for some reason. She does get attention and she does get told it bugs me when she acts like her brother. She still does it. We'll I googled this... It says she is going through a four year old ressession, apparently that means acting like my two year old becAuse she can't handle her own feelings n changes of life? I have read that on more then one site on google.. Confused because she does no her own feelings. The isn't really a change in life yet. Other then I'm pregnant. It says to get her out of this ressession is to ignore her behavior?? To tell her she's being a baby n once she can be big girl I will pay better attention to her?? I'm not sure if that's a good idea. But then agian it is better then me yelling at her for this. What are your thoughts on this? Should I just ignore her. Do you think this is a four year old ressession or a behavior issue? How should I handle this? Really getting on my nerves. Thanks for responding and helping me in advance.

    I think that you need to really show her the benefits of her BEING a big girl.. Maybe going as far as ONLY giving her something because she's the big girl. but then telling her that she too could have a cookie, but cookies are for biig girls not babies...OR taking her somewhere that only SHE can go to..

    Really emphasize things that ONLY she can do BECAUSE she's a big girl... Having a snack on the couch, watching a movie, playing with something, touching your jewelry... Etc...

    Yes.. it's a recession, but it doesn't mean you have to put up with it.. Kids will start whining like their younger sibling because they feel the younger one is getting attention that way... so. SHOW her that she gets BETTER and MORE attention that she's older.. Let her help you with something that she couldn't before.. let her play with your make up or something that she couldn't if she were a baby...

    Really show her the benefits of her NOT being a baby..
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