I'm a "mean" mommy, but babies got to learn to earn their keep sometimes hehehe :D

So I get my "genius mom" award for the year! We have been having so much trouble getting jayden to sleep recently he constantly gets up saying I need a drink, i need to go potty, im not tired, etc. etc. etc. no matter how tired his little eyes are soooo tonight when came out just as I was starting to do laundry I had a brilliant idea. I said sure you can come "hang out" with mommy but you have to help me clean. He was surprised excited hehehehe. He went threw pick all the cups out of the living room bought them to the sink, helped me load the the washing machine, sort the clothes into piles by family members, he picked up all the trash that had fell down in the bathroom, and kitchen, he let boomer outside after pouring him some more food in his bowl, and then I pulled up a chair handed him a towel and had him "dry" (i had already cleaned and pre-dried them) the dishes, its funny about half way threw the dishes he was tired enough to go lay down

    Ha.. Yes.. Same as when my kids SWEAR they are still hungry after dinner.. an I, well knowing their after a specific snack, I tell them if they're still hungry they can have a piece of fruit or some almonds... they usually say no thank you.. and I know that if they were hungry.. truly hungry... then they would eat fruit..

    ALSO.. my daughter said she was "too sock" to go to school last week.. I knew she was fine.. I knew that she just wanted to stay home and play with her new dolls.. I reminded her that if she's too sick to go to school, then she's too sick to play and that she must lay down in her bed and get better...

    She went to school.. A miraculous recovery...:)
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