Fall/Winter Wardrobe!

Mamas.. do you have a standard Fall/Winter wardrobe? I am probably talking to the gals who get the lovely snow and crappy weather for oh.. like, what is it, 6 months or so? Sigh..

Anyways.. as I prepare for this season again.. I add to my collection more every year.. my staples are.. boots/booties, leggings, tanks/cardigans, vest, scarf (sooooo many scarves).. and hats/gloves when appropriate :)

What about you Mamas?​

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      8Theresa Gould
      I like sweaters and sometimes sweatshirts with thermal like pants that I've had forever ($3 at Kohl's 17 years ago! and they are hardly worn out, just the waist band) or a skirt/dress. Though I need new winter skirts/dresses as mine are all worn out. I need new boots come to think of it......

      Oh and if I am completely honest on very cold days I like to hang out at home in my pjs.
      8Theresa Gould
      Yes, so have I after I got home from the paper route. Talk about comfy! Gotta love working from home! :)
        Amanda Hurley
        Even in the coldest of days, I usually only have a sweatshirt on. I have to have my jeans and tees year round. Of course, I usually end up going out in sweats and pj pants when I am pregnant. As far as shoes, I have boots, but usually wear flip flops unless there is snow on the ground.
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