10 Tips for Staying on Budget

I came across this article with 10 simple suggestions to stay on budget. I thought they were good tips, especially with summer vacations and house projects coming up. I need to use cash more often, I do feel like it's harder to spend money when you can actually see it leaving your hands. But I am bad about only carrying my card.

    good article
      This is a great article!
        My best tip to add to this would be to create a Mint.com account for your family and share it. It's free, and my husband and I use it to honestly track everything. That way, we can both review it on our own time and see who was responsible for what. It's a level of transparency that helps us stay on track.

        Also, I'd recommend CreditKarma to anyone who's worried about credit tracking--also free. Both of my recommendations are websites and smartphone/tablet apps, so tracking has really never been easier.
          This is a great article... I need to stop using the debit card and carry cash... this would help!
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